Home furnishings mold

Home furnishings are mainly engaged in the roduction of lastic molds for tables, chairs, flower ots, storage boxes, entertainment, etc. It has high cost-effectiveness and fast delivery. In terms of roduct aesthetics, safety, lightness, and shortening the injection molding cycle, it creates value for customers


Logistics & storage mould

Our comany secializes in the research and develoment and roduction of molds for turnover boxes, allets, trash cans, etc., mainly exorted to develoed countries such as Euroe and America. Due to long-term cooeration with well-known Euroean enterrises, we are able to rovide convenient and safe version exchange solutions for logistics molds. Our molds ursue short injection cycles, fully considering the ossibility of simle and safe exchange. The long lifesan of the molds greatly saves costs for customers and facilitates oeration.


Precision components mould

The ability to roduce high-recision and difficult molds is the key to Huayang's success in the fiercely cometitive mold industry. We have rich exerience in roducing difficult stacked molds, as well as low oularity gas-assisted molds and recision thin-walled molds.


Large parts mould

We have roduced many large molds for our clients in Euroe, esecially with rich exerience in the location of hot runner gates and the reasonable arrangement of waterways. Currently, we can undertake ultra large molds weighing u to 60T.


Pipe fitting mould

Our comany secializes in roducing molds for rainwater insection wells and sewage insection wells, as well as , VC, and R ie fittings.


High voltage appliance mould

Our comany secializes in roducing AG high-voltage electrical molds and SMC ressing molds, and has dee cooeration with ABB GE and State Grid ower Comany, enjoying a high reutation in the high-voltage ower industry.